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A Fun and Exciting Way to Learn Math! Comes In Three Sets: Primary, Intermediate, and Primary/Intermediate Combo

The Game of Mathematics is the next generation of board games that, along with being educational and exciting, are fun, fun, fun!

Players have the option of taking on basic mathematical challenges such as addition and subtraction, or more advanced areas of math such as:  algebra, decimals, fractions, division, and multiplication. The included Symbol cards determine if the greater, or lesser calculation will win the round.

Team play gets an entire classroom, family, and a multitude of other groups together for unlimited play.

What better way to learn than through good old fashioned fun? The Game of Mathematics brings endless excitement, and learning for various age groups and more.


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A Big Hit With The Community!

1st Annual Math Tournament!

A Great Time Was Had By All!

The Game of Mathematics…

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